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While JavaScript was taking over the web, and CSS was gaining new superpowers year over year, it could seem like HTML was content to stay dormant, happy to cede center stage to its younger siblings. After all once you've learned about <div>s and <h>s 1 through 6, what else is there to know?

Quite a lot, as it turns out! Once again we drafted Lea Verou to put her in-depth knowledge of the web platform to work, and help us craft a survey that ended up reaching far beyond pure HTML to cover accessibility, web components, and much more.

This partly explains why this report has taken so long to come out – there was just a lot of new data to process! Hopefully you'll find that the result was worth the wait.

Beyond the data included here, we've also improved our chart customization feature to let you tailor each data visualization to an even greater degree. If you find any interesting insights in the process, be sure to let us know!

You can learn more about all this in this post, or by watching a quick YouTube video

With all this out of the day, welcome to the results for the first ever State of HTML survey. After this, I'm willing to bet you won't look at good old HTML quite the same way ever again!

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